Birthday party planning

Posted on: Nov-17-2010 posted by: Jeanette Szabo
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 Through a simple Google search, I came across the Toronto Parent Guide for birthday parties.

You can spend a lot of money on these events. From what I have seen and heard, it seems to get more and more elaborate until it becomes a moot point. If you're keeping up with what the last birthday party was all about and have to top it, the link above will provide some good options. 

If however, you want to make it a little retro fun - like the kind we used have where there were some crafts and baloons and silly games and not too much pomp and circumstance, there are lot of resources out there. Here are some to name a few:

There are loads more ideas and suggestions out there, these are just a identify a few. 

I know that gift giving/receiving is another challenge. Recently, I learned that it has become popular to donate a monetary amount in the name of the birthday child. Essentially, there are no gifts, just a suggested donation in the name of the child to a designated charity. This is a fantastic idea because not only does it support social enterprise, it reduces the clutter of more toys in the house (your kids need more toys like they need a hole in the head) and it teaches them the value of sharing. 

Birthdays should be celebrated, but they shouldn't break the bank or be a competition. There is plenty of other pressure life brings everyone, eliminate this one if you can. 

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